AnonymouS Gaming

Terms & Conditions

Must read terms & condition before purchasing any pakage.

When you first register here, and when you use the Services, we collect some Personal Information about you such as: Name, Email, Phone No.

  • Steam Profile ID must be clean & no vac or game ban should be there
  • CSGO Profile must be Prime Enabled & Public
  • You are not allowed to kick any other VIP
  • Misusing the POWERS will lead to suspension of access
  • You must be mature enough to handle toxcity in server and make it clean
  • If you found to be hacking in server , You will be BANNED PERMANENTLY & REVOKED
  • Amount Paid is NON-REFUNDABLE
  • reserves rights to alter any of terms at any time

I Agree

When you buy any of the product you agree to all terms & conditions of AnonymouS Gaming.